Thursday, December 11, 2008

My version of the Eco-Angel Doll

Well, I've almost finished the first of my versions of the Eco-Angel Doll Knitty put on their site. I still have to make the dress and give her a face, but I stayed up all night sewing hairs on one by one to give her a cool new do. I didn't like the way the hair came out in the original pattern so I decided to create hair of my own. I also gave her some pierced ears and made her hair pink and undies a varigated purple called "purple pudding." Her dress will be a deep eggplant color with a pink polkadotted bow.

Well I better get cleaning. (I sat on my bum and knit up her undies today so I have chorse to attend to. haha)

Happy knitting!

Plain Jane Parker

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