Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kim says I'm a Bitch...but she loves me anyway. haha

For Christmas my amazing boyfriend has bought me a Nikon D100 Digital Camera and Nikon Lense to match! I am so frigging happy! It's the best gift ever! I am so spolied and Shane is so good to me!

The lense came in the mail yesterday. It's perfect in every way. I love it. The camera is on the way, but I have a feeling that Shane will make me wait until Christmas to play with it. I can't wait!!!!! I am so excited I could poop rainbows! haha

What does it have to do with knitting you ask? Well, I plan on taking many a photograph of my knitting projects (completed and in the making) with my new camera. Next to knitting photography is my favorite thing in the world. Maybe I like it even more than knitting. I said Maybe! haha

So I leave you with a picture of me and my lense.

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