Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ipod Shuffle Sock?

Well, the three oldest of our girls are getting Ipod shuffles for christmas this year. Since the little protective sleeves for them are so expensive I decided to knit them sock cozies instead. First I looked on the net for a pattern, but no one had a pattern for ipod cozies for the shuffle, only the larger and more expensive ones. So I created one myself. It can be knit in the round on 4 size 2 US dpns or back and forth on size 2 straights. I used red heart super saver yarns in varigated colors, but any worsted weight will do.

On Straights

Cast on 24 sts. work k2, p2 rib for 3.5-4 inches..depending on your preference.

Bind off

fold in half and sew side seams.

Next...cast on two stitches work in st st until 2 inches.

Bind off.

Sew to top of cozy as loop for button.


Cast on 2 stitches. Work in st st until 5 inches, more if preferred.

Bind off.

Sew onto cozy....Add Button of your choice and weave in ends...enjoy!

To make in the round cast on 48 stitches instead of 24. Work in k2, p2 rib until 2 inches....Cast off.

Sew bottom seam.

Make up the rest of the way the same as for the straight needles.

Here's a picture of one of mine for reference. I hope you all enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wadda You Know....

I'm a Yarn Ho!
I've been trying to make clothes for my angel doll for the past few days. It's been a process. I made a cute little halter top, but decided against it due to the fact that it made the doll look more like a pre-teen than I wanted. So i started to make another mesh like skirt, but didn't like that either. After many different tries and several episodes of CSI:Las Vegas, I have come up with a cute idea for a dress with a ruffle at the bottom. I've started knitting it in a deep purple color. the dress will be short sleeved and end right at the "knees" of the doll. After that I have two quick wings to make up and sew on and then the face to stitch. Then it'll be on to the next doll.

I found a pattern on that liked. A knit dust bunny, very cute. It said it was knit, however when I read through the pattern it was actually chrochet. Bummer, due to the fact that I don't chrochet. But I bet I could convert it to knitting easy enough.

Well my dress is calling me back to it's side. Happy knitting everyone!

PS Shane tracked where my camera is in the mail....It left Scarborough Maine today!!!!! So only a day or two left before it will be in my lovely little hands! I'm so excited about it I've been dreaming about it every night! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

Will post pics of finished doll soon!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My version of the Eco-Angel Doll

Well, I've almost finished the first of my versions of the Eco-Angel Doll Knitty put on their site. I still have to make the dress and give her a face, but I stayed up all night sewing hairs on one by one to give her a cool new do. I didn't like the way the hair came out in the original pattern so I decided to create hair of my own. I also gave her some pierced ears and made her hair pink and undies a varigated purple called "purple pudding." Her dress will be a deep eggplant color with a pink polkadotted bow.

Well I better get cleaning. (I sat on my bum and knit up her undies today so I have chorse to attend to. haha)

Happy knitting!

Plain Jane Parker

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The New KNitty is Up!

The new Winter 2008 Knitty is up! And it includes a cute hat I want to make Bastian someday!

Dead or Alive?

You can find this pattern and all the knitty patterns at!

That is all.

Kim says I'm a Bitch...but she loves me anyway. haha

For Christmas my amazing boyfriend has bought me a Nikon D100 Digital Camera and Nikon Lense to match! I am so frigging happy! It's the best gift ever! I am so spolied and Shane is so good to me!

The lense came in the mail yesterday. It's perfect in every way. I love it. The camera is on the way, but I have a feeling that Shane will make me wait until Christmas to play with it. I can't wait!!!!! I am so excited I could poop rainbows! haha

What does it have to do with knitting you ask? Well, I plan on taking many a photograph of my knitting projects (completed and in the making) with my new camera. Next to knitting photography is my favorite thing in the world. Maybe I like it even more than knitting. I said Maybe! haha

So I leave you with a picture of me and my lense.

Sally the not-so-eco angel!

Well, my knitting marathon last night lasted until 1:30AM! It was awsome. Shane fell asleep with his head in my lap and I knit away working on a project for the kids for Christmas all the while watching CSI. (Which I LOVE.) I'm making the kids some knit dolls. I got the pattern from She's called Sally the eco-angel, being that originally she was made up of all natural materials. My version isn't so eco-friendly I'm afraid, but Still just as cute. I'm thinking of turning her into a fairy instead of an angel, but we shall see. I'm making one each for the girls and then maybe a teddy bear for Bastian...or a dinosaur. (seeing that he doesn't need a knit fairy doll.) Sally comes with her own dress and undies. I'm going to do the dress, undies, and hair different colors for each of the dolls. So far I have the whole body done for the first doll. I have the hair, dress, wings, and undies left. I am so in love with this project and can't wait to see the first doll completed. I picked up some ribbon in different colors, also. Maybe I'll put little bows in their hair or use it as the tie on the dress. I have red with white polkadots, pink with white polkadots, and blue with polkadots. I thought the polkadots would tie the dolls together as being similar, but also different in their own special way. So after I am finished with these I HAVE TO FINISH SHANE'S SOCKS. That poor man has been waiting for a pair of knit socks since last year, but something always comes up or kids always tear my knitting off the needles or something. But I have to get them done next. I leave you with a picture of Sally (The eco-friendly version.)

Happy Knitting!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Knitters History

I always grew up around knitting. My Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother, myself, and my daughter (she's learning) all knit. That's five generations of knitters that are still alive all in one family. Not to mention I have an aunt who knits as well. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of laying in my grandmothers bed, a metal framed bed that was always clean and warm, and listening to her hum and watching her knit. And of my mother always having balls of yarn or half finished projects around the house. I knew what yarn and needles were before I was even out of diapers.

I've been knitting since...well birth. It all started out with my mother teaching me how to cast stitches onto a needle when I was five years old. I would fill my needle full of stitches and then take them all off and start over. A few years later I learned to make a knit stitch and thus I spent many years knitting long rectangles, due to not expressing too much of an interest in learning more yet. I had a long orange rectangle that I worked on for a few years, a row here and there, that I remember the most.

It wasn't until I was fourteen when my aunt Kimberly taught me how to make a purl stitch that I started to want to create things, but was too wrapped up with friends and school to dedicate the time. I got pregnant with my first daughter at fifteen and took a huge interest in learning to knit. I mean what else was I going to do with my time? Plus I wanted to be able to knit all kinds of cute things for my baby. So my grandmother took me under her wing and between her, my mother, and my aunt Kim I started the long and frustrating journey to knittershood. I remember being at home knitting and getting stuck on a pattern. I just couldn't wait for my grandmother to get home from work to help me, so I would call her and try to get her to explain it over the phone (An almost impossible task when it comes to this hands on craft.) I was hooked.

Over the years with the help of my family I've grown into a pretty well rounded knitter. I know all the basics and can knit pretty much any pattern. Not to say that I'm not still learning, because I am. This is one of those arts that you can never fully master. There is always something more to learn. Something that you can do better. Or even something new that you can invent and perfect.

So needless to say I love knitting and will be dumping all my kntty talk into this blog.

Right now I have a hankering for more coffee so I'll leave you with some photos of my most recent finished projects!